The city today boasts of a number of posh show-rooms and business establishments like the Shiva complex and the centrally air conditioned Kuber Complex, housing several top-of-the-line stores and offices. Chowk, Godaulia, Lahurabir, Dashaswamedh and Bansphatak are the main shopping areas. Most modern showrooms are located on Maldahiya Road.

Gems & Jewels

The monopoly of the ornament shops of the old markets of Rajadarwaja, Godaulia, Rani Kua and others, has been challenged in the recent past. If the Tanishq Showroom at Kuber Complex has over- shadowed them with its designer collection, the newly opened show- rooms in Lahurabir and Maldahiya areas are at-tracting the new genera-tion byers. Boutiques and ladies suit stores Ananya situated at the Hathua market and Pang-hat at Chaudhari Chambers, Kumaccha, offer a rich repertoire of traditional and modern out fits for the ladies, besides all sorts of designer accessories, jewellery and interior decoration pieces. There are a string of salwar-suit shops located at the 100 meter avenue near Luxa. Salwar suits, lehangas and other traditional ladies’ outfits could be easily procured at reasonable prices from a host of shops including Libas, prernai Roopam and Rashi.

A Silken Touch

Incredible though it may sound, around 3000 kg of silk is consumed in the weaving units of the city everyday. While 80 per cent of the produce is utilised in the domestic market, the remaining 20 per cent is exported. this helps the country in neting foreign exchange worth Rs 100 core per annum.

All Those Gizmos

Shops on both sides of Kotwalpura and Chetganj offer a wide array of televisions, geysers, fans, desert coolers and fancy lampshades. The Ghugrani lane is the ideal destination for those who want to buy tape recorders, video games and transistors.

Top Gear

With the auto mart opening to foreign companies, several top-of-the-line cars have steered their way into the country. Varanasi is no exception. All major cars have exclusive showrooms in the city. With several companies offering finance for cars, buying a four-wheeler has become very easy.

The Final Word

An unparalleled treasure trove for book lovers, the Pilgrim Book House near Durgakund and Indica Book House located near the Dashaswamedh Ghat, offer a wide array of books on various subjects. Both have the facility of sending books by air or sea mail.